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End-to-End Nearshoring Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles


Since our establishment in 2021, we have been at the forefront of offering unparalleled services to remote driving companies and the thriving automated logistics industry. Our expertise extends to optimizing operations for last-mile delivery vehicles, enhancing efficiency in truck yards, and streamlining processes for forklifts.

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We are a best in class near-shoring company that provides cost-effective, worry-free remote vehicle operation as a service.


Our Offering

Remotics delivers comprehensive nearshoring solutions tailored for Autonomous Vehicles at every stage (L2, L3, L4). Our expertise spans across a wide spectrum of services, encompassing:

remote operation

Certified professionals remotely piloting a vehicle.

REMOte assistance driving

Certified Professional remotely monitoring and giving assistance as needed to L4 Autonomous Vehicles.

AI/AV Labeling

Helping AI/AV platforms to improve its capabilities of object/people recognition.

Software Support Technicians

Tier 1 professional who provides technical assistance and troubleshooting services remotely

customer service

Tier 1 professional who provides technical assistance and troubleshooting services remotely

Our Pillars

Establishing a Legacy of Excellence
through Cutting-Edge Technology and Unparalleled Service

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Unmatched infrastructure

Experience Uninterrupted Operations with Our Advanced Nested Redundancy, Guaranteeing 99.5% Uptime Reliability.

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Top tier

Attracting Top Talent: Our Distinctive HR Practices and Vibrant Corporate Culture Cultivate Exceptional Driving Talent

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Unlimited scalability

Empowering Rapid Expansion: Our Dynamic Infrastructure and Agile Selection Process Enable Unprecedented Growth Opportunities



Revolutionizing Operations: Our Near-Shoring Strategy Drives Unmatched Efficiency, Reliability, and Quality, While Reducing Operational Costs by Up to 70%

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