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Paving the Way for Unparalleled Performance

Unmatched Infrastructure

Designed for Redundancy

We have Three operation centers located no more than 45 km away from each other

Empowering Uninterrupted Performance: Setting Industry Standards with Superior Redundancy Protocols and Fail-Safe Mechanisms. This configuration ensures our business continuity plan in case of a major disruption in one of our sites.

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Redundancy & Availability

Our operation center infrastructure includes an electric substation, diesel power generator with 10,000 liter storage and 2 ups, allowing for a 99.5 % power supply uptime. Additionally, its multiple carrier dedicated links boast an internet connection 99.2% uptime.

Highest Availability SLA

Power Supply Uptime
Internet Connection Uptime
Remotics Iso9001 seal
Remotics Iso 2000 seal
Remotics HS WCQA seal

Ultra Low

Average Rate of Latency: under 40ms

Our Intercarrier Route Control and Flexible Bandwidth Scalability Result in an Outstanding Latency of Under 40 Milliseconds

Data center, Security 
& Privacy

Remotics delivers comprehensive nearshoring solutions tailored for Autonomous Vehicles at every stage (L2, L3, L4). Our expertise spans across a wide spectrum of services, encompassing:

Remotics Security Seals

Physical Access Control

Access to all zones in our operation centers is individually controlled.

GDPR Compliance

Our operation fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.  


We continuously monitor and improve our organization's security posture while preventing and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Data center in a bunker

Our data centers are located in restricted access bunkers within our operation centers, to minimize physical threats.  

& Measurement

Stay ahead with our advanced operational tools and comprehensive measurement solutions designed to optimize your processes and enhance overall productivity.


Our support & leadership team are onboarded with tailor-made training, increasing their readiness level since day one to better manage and support our drivers.


We excel at reducing our drivers' learning curve and increasing our speed to competency, thanks to our people and results oriented approach.

Performance & accountability

Through our Performance Accountability Leadership (PAL) program, we cultivate and empower our team with essential skills and tools to efficiently execute each strategic goal.

Work environment

We have developed a Culture Pyramid to foster a healthy and engaging work environment, contributing to a low 5% turnover rate.